This is a Q+D (Quick and Dirty) webpage, powered by PFCorner Usenet Service (in dutch).

In the current phase, we consider this service a 'proof of concept' with high chance of success!

Work in progress!

We want to keep things 'simple', to allow you to repair your failed usenet-downloads.

Knowing how to use your newsreader, or how to use a tool like QuickPAR or MultiPAR
for Windows (or simimilar for PAR2-repair on anther Operating System), is very handy.

The idea is to supply 'some/many extra PAR2-repair block' to allow you to fix/repair
the incomplete download you already have. It is to troublesome to use the usenet-
server to move files around, so we use simple file-sharing to do the job.

Depending on the 'collection size', there will be upto 20% of extra PAR2 (maybe
more with 'small collections').

We use Resilio for sharing folders:

A folder named FUF-NZBs, this is the default folder to 'submit' NZB-files.
A folder named FUF-PAR2, this is the default folder to 'get' all extra PAR2-files.

Or submit the NZB-file(s) to the email-address below, especially when your 'problem'
isn't solvable with 20% of extra PAR2-files.

To get started, download 'Resilio Sync Free' from (top righthand corner),
then install it.

Create a 'FUF-NZBs' folder on your desktop, open Resilio, press + (top left).
To add a folder, select the bottom option (to add a 'Code'), then paste this code
ALYSPMKML6XRATMU2B6BY5EZB7U6UDED6, browse and select the 'FUF-NZBs' folder on your desktop.

Then create the 'FUF-PAR2' folder (preferrable) as sub-folder of your temporary-Downloads-folder,
where your newsreader temporary puts the downloads. Make sure there is a couple of dozens GB
storage-space available, because all requested PAR2-files are stored overthere for some time.
Use Resilio to add code BFGJCIZEA4X5UWTO5W5USLJHDF3OS7AEP, browse and select the 'FUF-PAR2' folder.

Thise Resilio-setup is required only once. Once Resilio has been setup, the 'hard part' starts:

Part 1: save/unpack the troublesome NZB-file (as .nzb, NOT .nzb.gz) to the FUF-NZBs folder.

When all goes well, then the NZB-file will be picked up in less than 5 minutes from the FUF-NZBs
folder and a new 'placeholder' folder should appear in the FUF-PAR2 folder. The 'waiting' has begun.

The NZB-file has been queued for processing and after a while the requested
PAR2-blocks will become available in the FUF-PAR2 folder. These extra PAR2-
blocks are extra to the PAR2-files in the NZB-file, for your best chance of success!
The process will take a while and is processed 'oldest age first'.
So have patience when you have troubles with recent NZBs! Just email when you can't wait....

Part 2: when the FUF-PAR2 folder has the PAR2-files you requested, copy them to the appropiate
temporary-folder your newsreader is using for the failed download.
Double-Click (execute) one of the PAR2-files to allow QuickPAR or MultiPAR to
repair the problem. Once that problem has fixed, let your newsreader 'try again'
to re-check and unpack your fixed download (or manually unpack the download). That's it!

Give this service a try! Questions? Then email to :)
Have you some web-skills to make us a '2021 look' for the website/page? Please let us know!

We are aware this service could be flooded/abused with fake NZB-files. In such situation,
the service will be suspended until the flood/abuse stops. Then use email to 'work around' this.

Q: has this anything to do with A: no, they suck!
Q: can I negotiate with PFCorner about pricing? A: sure!